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Odisha's transition to cleaner energy sources, given its substantial industrial presence and coal-dependent sectors, has the potential to be a pivotal point in India's decarbonization journey.

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Odisha's transition to cleaner energy sources could serve as a pivotal point in India's decarbonization journey, particularly given the region’s coal-dependent sectors and substantial industrial presence including steel and aluminum manufacturing, as well as oil refining. Low-end estimates of Odisha’s solar energy potential place it at 25.8 gigawatts (GW), while high-end estimates go up to 170 GW. India has set solar targets since 2010, and in 2022, the country raised its renewable energy targets to 500 GW by 2030, of which 280 GW will come from solar generation. There are currently ten renewable projects of over 50 GW each planned for Odisha, including both solar and hydropower. However, Odisha’s fossil fuel roots can’t be ignored. In 2021, Odisha became India's second-largest coal producer and it has the country's largest coal mining reserves. A striking 90% of Odisha’s electricity production relies on coal, even as the region aims to produce 43% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030. As of June 2023, both the state and central governments lack concrete coal phaseout plans. Nevertheless, Odisha's significant potential for a just and strategic energy transition positions it as a possible catalyst for broader national decarbonization efforts, significantly influencing India's sustainability and carbon reduction goals. With Odisha’s significant workforce size in the coal industry, there is ample opportunity to retrain some portion of these workers for renewable energy jobs.

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Power Sector Transition in Odisha

Odisha Operating and Prospective Energy Capacity in 2023 (Megawatts)

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