Power Sector Transition in

La Guajira

La Guajira is the home to indigenous Wayuu communities. While developing the potential of renewable energy in the region, it's essential to ensure the communities' rights during this transition.

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La Guajira Wind Turbines
La Guajira life
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La Guajira Solar Panels
La Guajira Wind Turbines
La Guajira life
Because of its unique geography, La Guajira is home to an abundance of wind and solar resources that could become a big part of how Colombia meets its national climate and clean energy goals. The estimated total prospective capacity for wind energy alone in the region is 15 GW, and there are a number of financing opportunities that could aid in renewable energy development. At the same time, La Guajira is the homeland of several indigenous Wayuu communities who have long seen their land exploited for fossil fuel mining and have been denied a meaningful voice in decisions about resource-extraction in their region. As such, any renewable energy development in La Guajira must also be seen as an opportunity to collaborate honestly and transparently with local communities to ensure fair land use compensation, as well as the accommodation of Wayuu communities’ needs, priorities, and ways of life. If this process goes well, it could be an important model for improved relations between renewable energy interests and indigenous communities worldwide.

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Power Sector Transition in La Guajira

La Guajira Operating and Prospective Energy Capacity in 2023 (Megawatts)

Energy Source / StatusAnnouncedPre-constructionConstructionOperating
Onshore Wind1503,4621,239.8897
Offshore Wind1,650

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