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Gujarat achieved 44% of its installed capacity from renewable sources by 2023. Its energy transition journey offers valuable lessons in reducing fossil fuel dependence in India.

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Gujarat farm
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The state of Gujarat, India plays a pivotal role in the country’s renewable energy landscape. Despite starting as a stronghold of natural gas energy, Gujarat achieved 44% of installed energy capacity from renewable sources in 2023 and is committed to reaching 80 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy by 2030. Gujarat could serve as a powerful example of how to effect the energy transition. The state has the distinction of being the first in India to establish its own gas transmission line. Among India's 23 operational oil and gas fields, six are located in Gujarat. Coal has also played a role in Gujarat, sparking grassroots opposition to mining and generation activities within the state, due to their adverse impacts on land use, farmlands, and water resources. Yet, since 2009, Gujarat has consistently generated surplus renewable power, contributing nearly 12% of the nation's renewable energy. Gujarat's journey offers valuable lessons in reducing fossil fuel dependence and creating a renewable energy hub in its place.

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Power Sector Transition in Gujarat

Gujarat Operating and Prospective Energy Capacity in 2023 (Megawatts)

Energy Source / StatusAnnouncedPre-constructionConstructionOperating
Onshore Wind2,62247610,190
Offshore Wind600

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